Heavy Duty Multi Target

Heavy Duty Multi Target Dimensions


  • High Quality Steel Construction
  • Heavy Duty Structural Frame
  • Maximum Durability
  • AR500 Steel Shooting Surfaces
  • Shooting Surfaces are Easily Changed
  • High Quality Bearings For Long Life
  • Adjustable Balanced Targets
  • Excellent hit indication
  • Shooting surface spins and then automatically resets! The visual is fun and easy to spot!


For Rifle Shooting$6800

3/8" AR500 Steel Shooting Surfaces

Recommended Calibers

Recommended for Rifle Shooting - 308 Winchester at 150+ yards
Recommended for Magnum Handgun Shooting - 357 mag at 50+ yards
Recommended for Handgun Shooting - 9mm Luger at 10+ yards
Recommended for Rimfire Shooting - 22LR at 10+ yards

Your New Favorite Handgun Target

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